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We've been supplying businesses with quality hot drinks since 1989

United Kingdom Tea & Coffee is a family-owned, family-run business based in the beautiful market town of Richmond, North Yorkshire. 

While we don't believe in dwelling on the past, sometimes it's good to bring it up. Before we took over the business in late 2015, UK Tea & Coffee was known as Café Marseilles Northumbria, owned by Bryan and Daphne Kramer, who founded the company in 1989. 

Although the business has since changed hands – and changed its name – we’re still operating as a family unit and running on the same principles that the the Kramers instilled back in the 80s: excellent product and friendly, personable customer service (well, what more do you expect from Yorkshire folk?).

The food and beverages industry is a huge passion of ours, so you can rest assured that, by buying from us, you’re investing in something we’ve tested and given a thumbs up – be it our own creations, like our Café Wonderland coffees or Mad Hatter Tea, or products from trusted brands like Cadbury and Nescafé.

When it comes to our major source of turnover, the clue's in the name; tea and coffee are our top sellers. We produce our own coffee range (comprising both ground and bean varieties), Café Wonderland, as well as products that we love and trust from Nescafé. 

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