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  • Craving 'Proper' Coffee On-The-Go? We've Got You Covered!

    While we're not coffee snobs here at UK Tea & Coffee, we do like our caffeine fixes served in a certain way. We're a bit spoilt, though; when you work in an office surrounded by quality coffee, it's inevitable that you develop a taste for the good stuff, right?

    The problem with having access to delicious coffee five days a week is that it quickly ruins other coffees for you. Because of this, we often find ourselves craving 'proper' coffee when we're out and about – especially when we're travelling, staying in hotels, and not able to bring our beloved coffee machines along with us. OK, maybe we are coffee snobs. Just a little bit. 

    Luckily, we've found a solution to our caffeine-related travelling woes, inspired by the very British tendency to take your own tea bags on holiday so you're never caught short in unfamiliar surroundings. Say hello to our coffee bags!


    The best thing about these coffee bags? They're filled with one of our most popular coffee blends, Bandersnatch, so you can enjoy the same flavour wherever you are. This blend comprises 100% arabica beans, sourced from central America, and features subtle citrus notes, for a zesty kick, balanced out by smooth vanilla tones. 

    Simply pop one of these bags into a coffee pot, add boiling water, wait five minutes, remove, and enjoy. We didn't really need to tell you that, though, because it's exactly the same as making a good pot of tea. Easy peasy.

    The bags are currently available in 50g servings, and are available to buy in bulk only for the time being. Interested to learn more? Check them out here

  • Is Climate Change a Serious Threat to the Coffee Trade?

    Morning all!

    We've come across this illuminating BBC article, which makes some very interesting (albeit slightly worrying, particularly for coffee business owners like ourselves) points about potential changes in the coffee trade in the years to come.

    The article comes off the back of some interesting research published by Kew Gardens scientists that, in short, emphasises the importance of our trying to understand the implications of our ever-changing environment in the face of climate change – think rising temperatures, decreasing rainfall and the like – and how this impacts coffee production.

    The research suggests that coffee production in Ethiopia (which, as all coffee boffins will know, is Africa's largest exporter, and home to some of the finest Arabica coffee beans in the biz) could be in serious jeopardy over the course of the next century. It's pertinent, then, that preventative measures are set into place now.

    Above are some interesting snippets of data that we've pulled from the article, focusing on climate change and the increase in global coffee consumption. We'd wholly recommend taking the time to read the full article if you're also in the coffee business. Let us know your thoughts. What can we do to help?

    Best wishes,

    The UK T&C team

  • We've been neglecting the blog, but all for a good reason...

    Yep, we know, we've been neglecting this blog as of late. Sorry about that. We do have an alibi of sorts, though, as we've been busy throwing all of our energy into something pretty special, which has been brewing (excuse the pun!) under the surface for a while now: our Café Wonderland coffees. And now we're delighted to share the range with you! 

    The range comprises both delicious wholebean and ground coffees, with varied depths of flavour to suit every taste. Whether you're looking for a full-bodied, aromatic coffee with a 'kick' to it, or something a little milder on the palate, we hope you can find the perfect match within our range of carefully crafted blends.

    Lewis Carroll, author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, attended Richmond Grammar School, so it felt apt to brand our unique coffee range in line with Carroll's colourful universe. 

    If you're interested in stocking the range, or would like to try some samples, drop us an email at ukteaandcoffee@aol.com.

  • Exploring the World of 3D Latte Art














    We've all seen (and marvelled at) the wonders of latte art, but today at UK Tea & Coffee we've spent perhaps a bit more time than we should have done scrolling through the #3Dlatteart tag on Instagram.

    Having done our research, it seems that 3D latte art isn't quite as complex as it looks; there's just a couple of additional steps involved in the process of taking latte art from 2D to impressive 3D form. As any barista worth their salt will already know, the art of creating the latte itself – not just the pretty bit on top of it –  weighs heavily on the creation of tiny microfoam bubbles. If the microfoam bubbles topping off your drink are too large, you're most likely veering into cappuccino territory, thus scuppering any of your planned attempts at finish your creation with artful flair.

    And so with 3D latte art, the key is, as ever, to nail your microfoam consistency. After that, you want to create a more full-bodied foam to fashion into 3D shapes and – perhaps more importantly – you need a steady hand.

    While coffee snobs might not love the idea of 3D latte art – needless to say, being for purely aesthetic purposes, it doesn't add any depth of flavour to your drink – we really like the fun, Instagram-friendly element of this concept, so we're giving it a thumbs up. This sort of barista wizardry is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a big deal in Japan, with the Japanese latte artist Kazuki Yamamoto going viral a few years ago because of his epic 3D latte art creations. 

    Only time will tell whether 3D latte art will make its way into mainstream barista culture across the UK. We're guessing it'll remain the preserve of niche cafés for the time being. In the meantime, we'll make do with admiring frothy animals (and, er, Pokémon characters) created on the other side of the world.

    Scroll down to see some of the most impressive 3D latte art we've spotted so far...

    Images: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

  • Introducing Café Wonderland

    'Cafe Wonderland' - 'A coffee with Character'

    Café Wonderland: A coffee with character

    Our current Café Marseilles coffee is about to undergo a name change. While the name will change, though, the quality will remain the same.

    The Café Marseilles range will be rebranded as Café Wonderland.  This is an exciting times for everyone involved – we're currently developing new pavement signs, aprons, point-of-sale posters and more.

    If you've not had the pleasure of tasting our range of coffees, contact us today!

    Best wishes,

    Mike and the UK Tea & Coffee team

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